Feature Market:
  Adhesives & Sealants
Feature Technology:
  Hot Melt

Cellolyn™ synthetic resins, phthalate ester of technical hydroabietyl alcohols, are pale, tacky, low softening point resins. Eastman recommends these resins when a high degree of tack without excessive decrease in bond strength is desired.

Physical Properties Comparison:

Rosin Alcohol and Special Derivatives  Property Comparison   

Chemical Type:Phthalate ester of technical hydroabietyl alcohol
Applications:Deep freeze pressure-sensitive label stock, acrylic-based pressure-sensitive adhesives for tapes and labels
Benefits:Resinous plasticizing nature adds a high degree of tack without overly decreasing bond strength
Typical Markets:Assembly, bookbinding, coatings, hot melt, pressure sensitive adhesives, wax blends
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