Important information about rebranding to Eastman™ Turbo Oils

We’re excited to announce that BP Turbo Oil is now Eastman Turbo Oil. What does this brand name change mean to you as a valued Eastman customer? It means you can continue to count on the same aviation solution you’ve come to trust.

Your requirements in any documentation changes are detailed in the following. please contact your sales manager or

What is happening?

The product remains the same. The manufacturing facility, formulation, and sales and support teams will also remain unchanged.


What is changing?



We have also updated the health and safety information on packaging to meet new requirements in the regions we serve.

When is this happening?

The plant will begin producing product under the Eastman Turbo Oil brand name in November 2014. First shipments carrying the new brand will leave the plant during the first half of December 2014. When you will start seeing the new brand will depend on delivery times and schedules.

What will this look like?

There will be very minor changes to the packaging. Labels will be the same style and color. Only the name, business entity, and regulatory information will change. See below.


Who will be approving this change?

Information on this rebranding program has been provided to all the key aviation industry approval bodies and national aviation authorities (stated below) as part of a robust management of change process. We anticipate all the necessary approvals to be in place when the production using the new Eastman branding begins.

  • SAE E34 Qualified Products Group
  • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - SAIB #NE-14-30 is available here
  • European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) - Available here
  • United States Navy (USN)
  • United States Air Force (USAF)
  • United Kingdom Ministry of Defence (UK MoD)
  • Engine and accessory OEMs
  • Airframe manufacturers

What do customers need to do to prepare?

They should update documentation with the Eastman Turbo Oil name. As referenced in the FAA letter and other documentation, Eastman Turbo Oil is now an acceptable replacement for BP Turbo Oil. For a period of time both BP and Eastman branded products will be in the marketplace. Internal documentation should list Eastman and BP Turbo Oil as acceptable wherever BP is currently documented. We recommend changing any abbreviated references to reflect the new name, e.g., update “BPTO 2197” to “Eastman TO 2197 or BPTO 2197”. Airframe, engine and accessory OEMs, and regulatory agencies recognize that both brands will be in the market and will cover via applicable documentation.

How does this affect placards?

Placards will be updated with Eastman brand as well. The only changes are the name of the product and part number. An example is below:


We are recommending the following procedure for handling placards.

Placards do not need to be changed outside of normal operating procedures (existing BP placards reference product number and package color therefore will be acceptable) Placards should be changed as done normally when they fall off or for new applications.

The part number is changing for the placards. Documentation for placards should list both part numbers as acceptable.


Placards will still be provided as complimentary benefit to our customers.

How will everyone in the field be aware of this?

Below you will find a link to a flyer that you can distribute to your various stations.

If you need physical copies, please send quantity required and mailing address for delivery to or your sales manager and we will send copies.

Eastman Turbo Oil cartons will all come with messaging on the top of the carton informing end users that the product is the same as the previously BP branded product.

Detailed information will be available at

Aviation media publications will have information about the new brand.

Has anything else changed?

Health and safety information on the package has been updated to meet with new requirements in the regions we serve.

BP Turbo Oils are now Eastman Turbo Oils