Eastman Aerafin™ polymer
Eastman Aerafin™ polymer

The next generation of polyolefin polymers is here.

Aerafin Innovation Video

Choosing the right polymer for construction adhesives can be a challenge. When evaluating polymers, the ideal product would enable the optimum blend of good peel strength, processability, low odor, and color. But finding a polymer that enables a formulation to excel at all of these performance characteristics can be difficult.

Eastman Aerafin™ polymers are changing that with a next generation polyolefin that enables hot-melt adhesives to be formulated to have a broad operating window, compatibility with state-of-the-art hot-melt adhesive applicators, and the ability to spray at lower temperatures while delivering the peel strength and low odor the industry has come to expect from the best olefin-based hot-melt adhesives available.

Aerafin benefits:

  • Broad processing window with clean-running low temperature processability
  • Low odor
  • Good adhesion with excellent peel strength
  • Lower tackifier loading than most SBC formulations
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Compatibility with hydrocarbon tackifier resins
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