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  Adhesives & Sealants
 m Building & Construction
  Graphic Arts & Printing Inks
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  Hot Melt

Eastman offers a range of tall oil and gum-based Permalyn™ rosin esters for a variety of applications. Available in a range of very pale and light yellow, they are hard, thermoplastics resins with softening point ranges from 80° to 110°C. These resins are an excellent choice when gloss is important in hot melt applications.

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Chemical Type:High stabilized glycerol and pentaerythritol rosin esters
Applications:Resin modifier in elastomers, waxes, film-formers, masterbatches, road marking, protective coatings and various adhesives
Benefits:Excellent gloss and pigment-wetting properties. Compatible with many materials, including natural and synthetic elastomers, polymer and copolymer thermoplastics, cellulose derivatives as well as natural and hydrocarbon waxes
Typical Markets:Hot melt adhesives, pigment industry, building & construction
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