Celebrating KOR Water

Eric Barnes, founder and CEO of KOR Water, was looking for a world-class designer (Ravi Swahney, RKS Design) and leading material provider (Eastman Chemical Company) who had his back in creating a high-design hydration vessel that celebrates the beauty of water. And he insisted the material be crystal clear, durable and BPA-free.

About The Design and Innovation Videos
A phone-that-glows concept (Orbiting the Hairball), hydration vessels (Celebrating Water), and a healthy drink-turned-toy (The Games Kids Play) are but three creative innovations resulting from Eastman's insight and collaborative relationships with designers.

These are Eastman's stories about how our corporate design initiative transformed our thinking. At its core, this initiative is about building a collaborative environment between the design and technical communities. Introducing established and student designers to our wealth of material and processing expertise has proven to generate insightful ideas and practical solutions.

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