Little Package of Happiness
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It's called the HydroPack™ – a paper-thin pouch that overnight can turn dirty water into a flavored, healthy drink. In the hands of children following a disaster such as the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, they were a "little package of happiness".

Developed by Hydration Technology Innovations (HTI), the HydroPack™ uses a membrane made from Eastman cellulose acetate that is the heart of HTI's proprietary Forward Osmosis technology. "Forward Osmosis is how water goes from the ground and mud and dirt up through the roots, up through a tree, up to the leaves and the fruit of a tree," explains Keith Lampi, vice president and chief operating officer for HTI.

The Oregon-based company envisions the technology being used widely by industry to clean wastewater and a quick, reliable way to provide life-saving fluids in the first 10 days after a natural disaster.

The HydroPack™ is a product "that needs to be there on day one of the disaster relief," says Nathan Jones, vice president of government and institutional sales for HTI. "In Haiti we had enormous difficulty in moving the product from our plant to Haiti and it didn't arrive until 10 days after the earthquake struck. And that's a problem of planning and incorporating the technology into global strategies for disaster relief."

Please contact Jos De Wit to learn more about the cellulose acetate technology behind the HydroPack™.

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