Reinventing the Bottle

Jason Foster worked on Wall Street for several years doing equity research so he knows a little bit about managing risks.

When he saw something missing in all of the bottles in the marketplace, he didn’t hesitate to set out on a crusade to reinvent the bottle.

“What we thought was missing the concept of reusability to what bottle design should really be,” says Foster, founder of Replenish, a housecleaning product and reusable bottle delivery mechanism that offers the potential of transforming bottle design in numerous other product categories.

The Replenish system is simple: a pod with concentrate screws onto the base of an empty spray bottle. To make cleaning fluid, concentrate is mixed with water in the bottle.

“When you squeeze the pod, you fill a measuring cup inside the bottle,” Foster explains. “Turn the bottle back over and you just add water. You’ve got everything you need. One pod will make four bottles. And you keep reusing the bottle, which is designed to last for years.”

Radius Product Development, part of Nypro, a major plastics manufacturer, designed the bottle, using Eastar™ copolyester. The pod is injection blow molded and the bottle is injection molded. “By just shipping the essential part of the product, we’re reducing the footprint by 90 percent,” Foster says. “That’s the weight of the water we’re taking out of the product."

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