Texas (Longview) Operator/Mechanic Hiring Process





Complete WorkKeys assessments. Required minimum scores are:



General Maintenance

Electrical & Instrument Mechanic**

Applied Math




Reading for Info




Locating Info




Applied Technology

No minimum, but score is reviewed by Hiring Managers

  *Includes Field Mechanic/Welder
**Includes Refrigeration Mechanic and Analyzer Mechanic

WorkKeys  assessments are offered by Workforce Solutions of East Texas (WSET) in Longview, TX or other authorized locations

Note:  You must have met the minimum required scores prior to completing an application or your application will not be processed.


Did you meet required minimum scores on WorkKeys?  If yes, go to step 3

If no, you may request KeyTrain through WSET – this is a study program that helps you improve your WorkKeys scores


Make your WorkKeys scores public (to employers)

  • Create your account at www.myworkkeys.com
  • Make each of your scores public at the Test Management tab
  • Copy the public .url (you will be putting this on your application)
  • If you need assistance, call 1-800-WORKKEY


Complete an Eastman application online.  Applications with resumes and with documents in Step 5 provided will be given priority.

Note:  Applications will generally be accepted the first 5 days of the month as needed.

Go to www.Careers.Eastman.com.
Click on “View Jobs and Apply”
Search by “Location” for “Texas” jobs
Search for the job you want to apply for.  If the job is not currently posted, complete your profile information and request email notification when the job is posted.


Provide copies of the following documents to Eastman:

  • Your WorkKeys scores
  • Your high school transcript
  • Any college transcripts you would like considered (if you include the college on your application, please provide a transcript)
  • Your DD-214, if you have ever served in the military

Preferred method is to scan and add these documents as attachments to your online application (Step 4).
Or you can mail to:
Eastman Chemical Co.
    P.O. Box 7444
    Longview, TX  75607
Attn:  TXO Staffing

Please check documents before mailing or scanning to ensure that they are legible


Did you receive an email response stating that your application had been received by Eastman?  If yes, see step 6

If no, your application is not complete and will not be considered until it is complete


Participate in preliminary interview
(normally 30 – 60 minutes)

Please note that satisfactorily completing all of the items shown above does not guarantee an interview with Eastman.  Eastman will contact you when/if interview opportunities arise.


Preliminary interview results 

You will receive an email that indicates if you will be considered for on-site interviews.


On-site interview
(normally 2 – 4 hours)

Hiring managers will select candidates to interview.  Interviews usually take place in the specific department that has the opening.


Job offer

If an offer is being extended, you will receive a phone call.  If an offer is not being extended, you will receive an email.  You will still remain an “active applicant.”

Note:  Applicants at Step 9 or beyond will be considered “active” for 2 years.  Applicants who do not progress to Step 9 may re-apply after 2 years.

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