Media Contacts

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Betty Payne
Corporate Communications
Phone: 1-423-229-4965
Fax: 1-423-229-1008
E-mail: bpayne@eastman.com

Tracy Kilgore
Corporate Communications
Phone: 1-423-229-0498
Fax: 1-423-229-1008
E-mail: tjkilgore@eastman.com

Aimee Davis
Marketing Communications
Phone: 1-314-674-4553
E-mail: aldavi1@eastman.com
Corporate Information Center Health, Safety, Environment and Energy
E-mail: eastman1@eastman.com Amanda Allman
Corporate Communications
Phone: 1-423-229-1025
Fax: 1-423-229-1008
E-mail: aallman@eastman.com

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