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At Eastman Chemical Company, we strive to create sustainable solutions essential to a safer, healthier life for people in all of our global communities. Eastman's commitments to sustainability, innovative thinking and technical expertise help deliver practical solutions that make the world a better place.

Our geographic diversity is the source of our strength. Serving customers in approximately 100 countries, Eastman had 2012 pro forma revenues, giving effect to the Solutia acquisition, of approximately $9.1 billion. The company is based in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA, and, with the completion of the Solutia acquisition, now employs approximately 13,500 people around the world. Eastman is also committed to the American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Responsible Care® program.

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Environmental stewardship

Reclaiming and recycling
We take great care to manage our on-site waste production. Eastman’s Anniston, Ala., site has implemented a reclamation process for metal drums.  More

Diving into the Trash
In 2014, Eastman’s Kingsport site recycled 2.6 million lbs. of cardboard, paper and plastic that would have otherwise been disposed in a landfill. We know, however, that we have opportunity for progress.  More

Sustainability ESEP Awards 2014
Eastman’s Integrated Global Supply Chain continuously looks for opportunities to optimize and maintain a sustainable logistics network.  More

Winning Gold for Greener Workplace Practices
In 2014, Office Depot, Inc. recognized Eastman with a Special Recognition for Workplace Recycling award during the Office Depot Leadership in Greener Purchasing Summit.  More

Bugging Out Over Productivity
In 2014, Eastman’s Chestertown site implemented a productive, long-range solution for its wastewater treatment facility following a treatability study. The facility employs microorganisms, commonly referred to as simply “bugs,” that convert wastewater to clean water through a biological treatment process.  More

Eastman Earns EPA’s ENERGY STAR® Certification for Superior Energy Efficiency in Office Building
Eastman’s Utilities Division Office Building 469, operated by Tennessee Operations, earned the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) ENERGY STAR® certification for Superior Energy Efficiency. In addition to lighting and HVAC changes that were made, employee due diligence produced additional savings. Actions taken include turning off office lights, task lights, and personal lamps at the end of the work day; turning off break room lights and TVs when not in use; setting individual computers to “hibernate” versus “lock” mode at the end of the work day, using only 3 watts versus approximately 43 watts. EPA’s ENERGY STAR energy performance scale helps organizations assess how efficiently their buildings use energy relative to similar buildings nationwide. A building that scores a 75 or higher on EPA’s 1-100 scale may be eligible for ENERGY STAR certification. At certification submittal, Building 469 had an ENERGY STAR rating of 82.

Full-Wrap Label Consortium
In 2012, Eastman organized an industry group, called the Full-Wrap Label Consortium, to tackle issues surrounding polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and full-wrap labels in the plastic recycle stream. The group is charged with understanding the issues and problems to develop both near- and long-term solutions.  More

Moving from Coal to Natural Gas
In 2013, Eastman announced plans to convert boilers at its manufacturing sites in Kingsport, Tennessee and Springfield, Massachusetts from coal to natural gas.  More

Battle of the Buildings
Eastman has committed to reducing energy intensity by 20% from 2008 to 2020. As one means to achieve this ambitious goal, Eastman participated in the EPA’s 2013 ENERGY STAR® National Building Competition: The Battle of the Buildings.  More

Protecting Product and Environment - Eastman's Recy-Pack™
All customers want to have Eastman™ acetate yarn arrive in pristine condition in packaging that respects and protects the enviornment. Eastman's state-of-the-art Recy-Pack™ acetate yarn packing system ensures that both of these important goals are achieved.  More

Reducing Our GHG Emissions Through Cogeneration
Currently, natural gas — acknowledged worldwide as the most GHG-efficient fossil energy — is the source of about 50 percent of our energy supply.  More

Eastman’s Operations in Martinsville, VA Recognized for Innovative Recycling Project
An employee-initiated project enhanced local recycling with other businesses and prevents 5 million pounds per year of recyclable material from going to the local landfill - an amount of material is equal to trash from 750 average homes. Employee teams worked with a local recycler to identify a snap-apart container for collection of corrugated cores from wound film. The container is easy to use and decontaminate.

Eastman’s Texas Operations’ Single Stream Recycling Program Benefits the Region
The Longview site began a pilot recycling program in 2012 that will expand to the entire site in 2013. The recycling program results in waste minimization, reuse of trash into usable products, and extending the life of the site’s landfill. The entire region has increased its recycling and saved landfill costs.

Improving Air Quality
Our Texas manufacturing site completed installation of a new boiler to replace two older, less efficient boilers. The boiler was designed to meet strict air pollution control standards by limiting nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. It also supports the Northeast Texas Air Care's (NETAC) commitment to improving air quality in the Longiew, Texas area.

Reducing GHG Emissions
At the Indian Orchard plant in Springfield, a solvent recovery improvement project won a Responsible Care® Energy Efficiency award from the American Chemistry Council for several process and equipment changes that resulted in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and annual conservation of enough steam to supply the entire site for a month.

Clean Energy Locomotion
Since 2005, we have used biodiesel fuel in our fleet of 243 diesel vehicles and five locomotives at our Kingsport, Tenn., facility, which has reduced our diesel exhaust by five percent annually, lowered our overall consumption of fossil fuels and improved air quality around the site. The East Tennessee Clean Fuels Coalition (ETCFC) has recognized Eastman for consistently being a top-fleet user of biodiesel and, in 2010, recognized Eastman for becoming one of the largest users of biodiesel blends in Tennessee, setting an example for other companies across the state.  More

River Studies
Since the 1960s, Eastman has commissioned the world-renowned, Philadelphia-based Academy of Natural Sciences to study the rivers upstream and downstream of our major United States manufacturing sites, to ensure that our operations are not negatively impacting the environment.  More

Certified Forest Steward
Since 2009, Eastman's Texas operations, located in Longview, has been a "Certified Forest Steward" by the State of Texas. The recognition is for our implementation of recommended management practices in our Forest Stewardship Plan. Our activities help maintain and improve the health of the 40-acre Eastman Demonstration Forest and surrounding Nature Center. Eastman was also recognized as a "Certified Tree Farm" by the American Tree Farm System.    More

Building a Legacy: Eastman's Kingsport, Tenn., Site Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary
2010 marked a major milestone in Eastman's history — the 90th anniversary of the company's headquarters in Kingsport. Generations of Eastman employees have worked hard to make Eastman the company it is today by carrying on the integrity of our founder, George Eastman. We continue to grow our legacy in the Kingsport community by respecting our surrounding environment, creating a rewarding workplace and supporting the community in which we live and work.

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