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This website contains information about the nature and wildlife programs and activities in which Eastman is involved.  If you have questions regarding any of this information, please call our Responsible Care Coordinator - Michelle Holyfield - at 903.237.6629 or email her at mkholy@eastman.com. Come back and visit our site often for new information about ongoing activities!
The Academy of Natural Sciences is periodically engaged to conduct studies of the condition of the aquatic environment in the Sabine River, both upstream and downstream of the Eastman Texas Operations facility. The company uses these studies to help make certain the wastewater discharge from the facility is not adversely impacting the receiving waters in the Sabine River. The study results indicate that Eastman's manufacturing operations are having no harmful impact on the Sabine River, and the river supports a healthy aquatic life.  
Sabine River Study
Located near Longview, Texas, Eastman Chemical Company’s Texas Operations facilities occupy less than 1000 acres of the company’s 6,000 acres.  The unused acreage supports a rich ecosystem including bottomland hardwood, pine forest, grasslands, marsh, and water bodies.  This undisturbed acreage is home to a wide variety of native animals, birds, and plants.  Eastman is also an important stopover point for many species of birds migrating along ancient pathways in the sky. 

Eastman recognizes the impact our operations have on the surrounding ecosystem and is committed to maintaining this system in good condition for the wildlife and plants that call our property their home. This commitment to the environment is a key part of our Responsible Care®  and Sustainability efforts. Eastman is continually working in partnership with numerous local, state, and national organizations to enhance our Nature & Wildlife Habitat Program. Some of these organizations that have assisted us in promoting a healthy environment for the wildlife and plants on our property include the Academy of Natural Sciences, Boy Scouts of America, East Texas Beekeepers Association,  Native Plant Society, Natural Resource Conservation Services, Northeast Texas Field Ornithologists, Texas Cooperative Extension Service, Texas A&M Forest Service, and Texas Parks & Wildlife.

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