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Eastman's tall oil fatty acids are uniquely designed for the manufacture of paint and protective coatings where color and color stability are critical. Tall oil Fatty acids can also be used in alkyd formulations in conjunction with metallic driers to control cure rate and hardness.


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Hydrocarbon Resin PiccotacUsed in applications where compatibility with natural and synthetic rubbers is critical
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Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resin RegaliteMade from mixed aromatic/aliphatic resins which are subsequently selectively hydrogenated to produce a wide range of materials with low color, high stability and broad compatibility 
Hydrogenated Pure Monomer Resin RegalrezRepresent the ultimate in low color, heat stability and UV stability among hydrocarbon resins Compare Products 
Resin Dispersion TacolynRecommended for environmentally friendly applications, especially when seeking improved adhesion to polyolefin-based substrates
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Rosin Resin DresinateRecommended for a wide variety of emulsifiers based on rosin soap
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ForalBased on highly stabilized rosin developed for the adhesives and coatings industry
Lewisol™ 28-M

Lewisol™ 28-M resin is well suited for use in lacquers, low temperature heat-cured enamels, certain printing inks, and grease resistant coatings

Lewisol™ 29-MLewisol™ 29-M resin offers excellent solubility, good solvent evaporation, good resistance to oxidation and low viscosity in solution for making RS Nitrocellulose lacquers
PentalynExcellent choice when a broad range of compatibility is vital
PermalynExcellent choice when gloss is important in hot melt applications
Tall Oil and Fatty
Acid Derivative
PamolynRecommended in applications where low odor combined with excellent color stability is important
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