Resin Intermediates

The Building Blocks for Better Resins
You put a lot of time and energy into developing resins that meet today's stringent demands. Eastman resin intermediates are the building blocks to make them even better. Our products serve the resins market for coatings, composites and gel coats, adhesives, and inks applications.

With over 40 years of experience in this industry, we have developed intermediates that help meet your performance needs. The following timeline shows the history of Eastman product innovation and commitment to the resins market.

We have one of the broadest product lines of any raw material supplier. We have ten different intermediates, ranging from aromatics, cycloaliphatics, neo-structures, and acetoacetates. Our product line includes such workhorses as Eastman NPG glycol, isophthalic acid (PIA), and terephthalic acid (PTA). 

Technical Service
Dedicated customer support is the underpinning of every good product line. The Technical Service Resin Intermediates Laboratory has the expertise and capabilities to help you develop resins for various coating technologies that include:

  • Conventional solventborne
  • High solids solventborne
  • Powder
  • Coil
  • Waterborne

Our strength is in understanding the performance benefits of resin intermediates relative to their structure / property relationships. We know our products, so we can help you select the right building blocks to meet resin performance requirements. However, selecting the right building block will only get you half way. It is equally important to understand how to properly use them. We have developed an extensive list of "synthesis tips" that facilitate resin processing with Eastman resin intermediates.

Contact us today about designing high performance resins with Eastman resin intermediates.

Building Blocks for Better Resins
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The Building Blocks for Better Resins

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