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Embrace Tritan™ copolyester
Eastman Tritan™ copolyester is changing how brand owners, designers, and molders think about clear polymers. This innovative material offers a unique balance of processing and performance properties including:  clarity, toughness, heat and chemical resistance, and the ability to produce products that are bisphenol-A (BPA) free. Visit brand site


DuraStar™ polymer
DuraStar™ polymers have proven to be incredibly versatile injection-molding resins and are used in a wide range of markets from appliances to consumer goods to toys. Molders have come to appreciate DuraStar™ polymers for their outstanding chemical resistance, excellent clarity, fast drying times, quick cycle times, excellent flow and exceptional impact properties. Visit brand site


Tenite™ cellulosics
Tenite™ cellulosic plastics are noted for their excellent balance of properties - toughness, hardness, strength, surface gloss, clarity, chemical resistance, and warmth to the touch. Tenite™ products are also easily molded, extruded, or fabricated and available in natural, clear, amber, and black. Visit brand site




Eastar™ copolyesters
Eastar™ copolyester is a clear, amorphous material. Benefits include clarity, toughness and good melt strength. Visit brand site
Eastman Cadence™ resins for calendered films
Cadence is a specialty plastic developed to meet the demand for an environmentally responsible material for the calendaring industry. Available in different grades, Cadence provides ease of processing, high-melt strength, good thermal stability, aesthetics, clarity, and gloss. It’s easy to decorate using offset lithography, flexographic, and screen-printing process. Visit brand site
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