Biodiesel is a renewable fuel derived from vegetable oils and animal fats. As a result biodiesel has a tendency to oxidize. A direct consequence is the formation of solids and other undesirables that might clog a fuel filter and /or create damaging deposits.

Eastman has developed an innovative solution, Eastman BioExtend™ to extend the shelf life of biodiesel and slow down the oxidation process.

Superior performance at low concentrations—Eastman BioExtend™ antioxidant provides significantly greater performance than other antioxidant solutions at a much lower concentration.

High Performance Additives

  • Outstanding Antioxidative Power
  • Superior Results at Low Concentrations
  • Dual Antioxidative System for Increased Performance
  • Designed for Extreme Temperatures
Eastman BioExtend

Biodiesel products
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