Aviation Turbine Engine Lubricants

Eastman Aviation Solutions has a range of high quality turbine engine lubricants designed to exceed the demands of current and future aircraft engines. Our global team of aviation experts have a wide range of experience building strong relationships with airlines, manufacturers, and all members of the industry to help understand specific needs, enabling us to seek out innovative and flexible solutions to meet exacting requirements. We are committed to supporting the industry with exceptional products, technical services, and engineering consultancy to partners worldwide. Visit EastmanAviationSolutions.com to learn more.

Aeroderivative Turbine Engines

Eastman turbo oils are ideal for aeroderivative turbine engines. Using Eastman Turbo Oil 2197, for example, can reduce damaging coking and—in the process—provide maximum protection, extend maintenance intervals, and reduce downtimes. With more than 400 million hours of proven performance in turbine engine performance, Eastman Turbo Oil 2197 is the leading high-performance capable oil—and a highly trusted solution for aeroderivative turbine lubrication. Learn more about turbo oils for aeroderivative turbine engines.


Metalworking Fluids

Synergex™ neutralizing amine additives extend the life of metalworking fluids. This range of lower-odor, lower-volatility products from Eastman offers excellent buffering and pH stability. Click here for more info on our Synergex range.

Lubricants products


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