Water treatment

Eastman’s products that serve the global water treatment market include intermediates for flocculants which are used in water treatment processes. Eastman is one of the leading merchant producers of DMAE and DMAPA, both of which are used to make cationic monomers. These monomers are further reacted and polymerized and used as flocculants for industrial and municipal waste water treatment. To learn more, please go to http://www.snf-group.com/en/.

Similarly, Eastman is one of the world’s leading producers of methylamines. Dimethylamine(DMA) is a raw material for the production of organic coagulants like poly-DADMAC, polyamines, and Mannichs; these polymers are also used in industrial and municipal water treatment and the paper and oil/gas industries.

For boiler water treatment, Eastman is a leading producer of DEAE, DMA2P, and DEHA. DEAE and DMA2P are well-known neutralizing amines used to increase pH and minimize corrosion by CO2 in boiler and condensate systems – usually used in combination with other amines like DEHA. DEHA is a very effective oxygen scavenger used to chemically remove oxygen still remaining after mechanical deaeration. DEHA can be a cost-effective replacement for sodium sulfite in low/medium pressure systems while having a better HES profile than hydrazine in higher pressure boilers.

Eastman also has a presence in the ion-exchange resins and reverse osmosis(RO) membrane market as its amines and solvents (e.g methylamines, DMF and DMAC) are used to make both products.

Water treatment products
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