Eastman offers technical assistance and a wide range of products to help Graphic Arts & Printing Ink manufacturers meet their performance needs. Customers around the world have come to recognize Eastman brands as being synonymous for excellence and quality.

Brand Name


Abalyn™ rosin estersExcellent compatibility with almost all polymers, tacky, highly viscous
Butvar® polyvinyl butyral resinsAlcohol soluble, imparts adhesion, toughness, and flexibility
Eastek™ polymer dispersionLow viscosity aqueous dispersions, low odor, neutral pH, fast drying, and high gloss
Eastman™ AAA arylidesUsed in the production of yellow organic pigments
Eastman™ AAMX arylidesUsed in the production of yellow organic pigments
Eastman™ AAOT arylidesUsed in the production of yellow organic pigments
Eastman™ adhesion promotersAdhesion promoters for plastics and hot-foil stamping applications
Eastman™ cellulose estersProvides fast solvent release, stability to UV light, and safety in handling
Eastman Optifilm™ enhancer 400An efficient, non-migrating, non-yellowing, non-phthalate alternative
Eastman™ plasticizersImproved flexibility and cold check resistance
Eastman™ SAIBImproved adhesion and gloss, increased nonvolatile content
Eastman™ solventsExcellent solubility with ink resins for meeting performance/environmental requirements
Eastman Texanol™ ester alcoholFlow-out solvent in screen inks and "sweetener" solvent in lithographic inks
Eastman TXIB™ formulation additiveSlightly fruity odor, low viscosity and low freezing point
Lewisol™ rosin resinsGrease resistant inks
Metalyn™ rosin estersExcellent compatibility with ink polymers and resins
Pamolyn™ fatty acidsLow odor and excellent color stability
Pentalyn™ synthetic resinsBroad range of solubility - from alcohols to mineral oils
Permalyn™ rosin estersBroad compatibility with ink resins, light color, low odor
Picco™ hydrocarbon resinsNon-polar, excellent resistance to acids, alkalis and moisture, excellent pigment wetting
Piccolastic™ hydrocarbon resinsLow initial color, wide softening point range
Poly-pale™ modified rosinHigh softening point, soluble in alcohol
Eastman Solus™ performance additivesProvides fast solvent release, stability to UV light, lower solvent demand
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