Adhesive Examples

Our unrivaled leading edge performance applications for adhesives give customers a competitive edge in achieving their goals and serving their markets.

Hot Melt Nonwoven Assembly - Hydrogenated hydrocarbon resins are used mainly in hot melt adhesives for the hygiene industry, plastic modification, and in other demanding applications where a very light color is required.
Hot Melt Packaging - Plasticizers can be replaced successfully by incorporating Piccotac™ 1020-E or Piccotac™ 1020 hydrocarbon resin into the hot melt adhesive.
Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive - The unique chemical structure of Piccotac™ combines the advantages of unmodified with modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resins in one tackifier. The resin also gives very good rolling ball tack and high affinity to cardboard.
Waterborne - Waterborne adhesives are used in a wide variety of end uses such as non-pressure sensitive adhesive applications, flooring adhesives, contact adhesives, labeling, office tapes and packaging tapes.
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