Foliar Fungicides

Eastman has three dithiocarbamate fungicides - Thiram, Ziram and Ferbam - that are used to protect different types of fruit (pome fruit, stone fruit, berries, bananas, citrus etc. ) and vegetables against fungal diseases. These three active ingredients have a long-proven, broad-spectrum activity against main diseases such as Botrytis, scab, Alternaria, Taphrina and Stemphylium and are used as contact fungicides to provide protection to the plant by shielding leaves from attack by fungi spores. The active ingredients are a tool in anti-resistance strategy programs to alternate or combine with site-specific systemic fungicides.

Eastman has several formulations ranging from WP (wettable powder), SC (suspension concentrate) and WG (water dispersible granules or Granuflo® technology). Eastman’s portfolio also includes Banguard®, thiram formulations for the control of the most devastating disease affecting the banana industry: Black Sigatoka. 

Additionally, we offer our technical grade products to companies making own formulations based on our technical material.

We also offer a range of intermediates for the synthesis of fungicide products.


Eastman is serious about safety and is committed to providing information and trainings on the correct, safe application of their foliar fungicides in addition to the standard application and safety information found on labels and technical data sheets.


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