Soil disinfectants

Soil disinfectants provide protection of crops against soil-inhabiting plant pathogenic organisms such as nematodes, fungi, insects. It also allow the control of weeds and their seeds. When applied prior to seeding or planting, soil disinfection creates a favorable biotope that promotes healthy crop growth. This allows growers to start with a clean field, protecting the crops from a very early stage. In addition to their protective role, they also assist in improving the quality and yield of the crop by enhancing plant vigor.  

Eastman’s *Metam sodium and *Metam potassium are used primarily in connection with growing high-value fruit and vegetable crops such as carrots, tomatoes, lettuces, melons, strawberries, potatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers and green beans. It is also widely used for growing ornamentals and tree-nurseries.  

Soil disinfection with Metam sodium or Metam potassium is a crop residue-free technique. The mode of action and the degradation of the products into simple organic compounds does not give rise to any pesticide residue in the subsequent cultivated crops. It allows reduction in the overall use of other pesticides thereby greatly reducing risks of residues from those products in the crops. Metam sodium and Metam potassium are compatible with Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and can be associated with others techniques to control soil parasites such as solarization, rotation, biofumigation, the use of resistant crop varieties and the incorporation of antagonist organisms.  

Eastman stimulates advanced application techniques through partnerships with constructors of application machines, greenhouse specialists and professional applicators. Additionally, we offer a range of intermediates for the synthesis of soil disinfectant products.  

*Metam sodium and Metam potassium are both categorized in the US as “Restricted Use Pesticide”


Eastman is serious about safety and is committed to providing information and trainings on the correct, safe application of their soil disinfectants in addition to the standard application and safety information found on labels and technical data sheets.

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