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Delivering performance with peace of mind

The Eastman Medical Applications Development Team continually collaborates with customers throughout the value chain to develop medical devices on the cutting edge of science. These are a few of the stories that show how Eastman™ plastics and cellulosics deliver performance in medical-device applications and peace of mind to medical professionals and patients.

Success Story Success Story    NewsNews Release  
Eastar™ copolyester enabled Gambro BCT to develop a complex cassette to separate donated blood into components and reinfuse donor with unneeded portions. 
Blood Therapy    Success Story
Eastar™ copolyester has outstanding color stability and clarity post gamma sterilization, providing differentiation in Smith & Nephew's Clear-Trac cannula product line. 
Cannula System    Success Story
Blood compatibility, transparency, chemical resistance, dimensional stability and the solvent bond ability of Eastar™ copolyester allowed Datamed to reduce the cost of their cuvette. 
Disposable Cuvette    Success Story
The unique properties of Eastar™ copolyester facilitated molding of a specialized canister that is tough and has exceptional clarity before and after sterilization. 
Suction & Drainage    Success Story
Safety syringes utilize Eastar™ copolyester in designs to protect healthcare workers while minimizing manufacturing complexities. 
Syringe Protector    Success Story
Tri-layer extrusion of Ecdel™ elastomer enabled Natvar to create phthalate-free alternative tubing with little modification to machinery or processes. 
PVC-free Tubing    Success Story
Laparoscopic Lens Cleaning System 
Lens Cleaning System    News Release
New Welding Technology From IPG Photonics Advances Welding of Components Made with Eastman Tritan™ 
Welding Technology    News Release
View medical devices made with Eastman Tritan™ copolyester. 
Medical Devices    Eastman Tritan™ copolyester medical applications
PVC bags and tubing 
PVC bags and tubing    News Release
PVC bags and tubing 
Speculum   Success Story News Release
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