The R​ight Chemistry Tailored to a Variety of Medical Applications

Copolyesters offer significant advantages for numerous medical applications due to their versatile combination of properties. These properties include excellent clarity, toughness, chemical resistance and most notable, superior color stability when exposed to a variety of sterilization techniques.

Drying is an absolute necessity to prepare plastic pellets for successful processing.

Resin manufacturers have the ability to modify the composition of copolyesters to vary the product attributes. These modifications are often made to tailor the properties of the material to meet the needs of the end-user and the processor. Copolyesters can be used effectively for a wide range of medical applications from rigid and flexible packaging to devices and labware.

The family of Eastman™ copolyesters for the medical industry continues to grow to provide a range of processing and performance parameters to meet those needs.

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