Typical Physical Properties

Some products contain physical properties that are not displayed in the columns below. To locate the information needed, please choose the product link below. The properties may be found on the datasheet, SDS or sales specification.

ProductsFormColorSpecific GravityBoiling PointaMelting PointFlash PointAssayData
Pt-Co@ 20°C/20°CCleveland Open Cup
AAA (Acetoacetanilide)White to Off-White Powder-1.26Decomposes °C83-86 °C167 °C (332 °F)99.8 %
AAOT (Acetoacet-O-Toluidide), Water WetSolid (water wet)-1.06Decomposes °C103-106 °C (217-223 °F)168 °C (335 °F)>99.3 %
DMAALiquid350 max.1.06100 °C-122 °C (252 °F)79-83 wt %
EAA (Ethyl Acetoacetate)Liquid15 max.1.03180.8 °C (357.4 °F)-45 °C-99.5 wt % min.
EAA (Ethyl Acetoacetate) KosherLiquid51.03180.8 °C (357.4 °F)--99.5 wt % min.
MAA (methyl acetoacetate)Liquid25 max.1.078--55 °C74 °C (165 °F)99.0 wt % min.
TBAA (T-Butyl-Acetoacetate)Liquid-0.954190 °C (374 °F)--98.8 wt %
a - Extrapolated under vacuum.
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