Typical Physical Properties
Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins

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Hydrogenated Hydrocarbon Resins
ProductsRing and Ball Softening PointColor, GardneraYellowness IndexbCloud PointcMolecular WeightdData
1 cm cell2 cm cell5 cm cellDACPMMAPMnMwMw/MnMz
ASTM E 28ASTM D 6493ASTM D 1544ASTM D 6166ASTM E 313ASTM E 313ASTM E 313
Eastotac™ C-100XF100 °C--<1---64 °C83 °C55010001.81900
Eastotac™ C-100L
(Asia/Pacific Region only)
100 °C--<1-91857 °C81 °C55011002.01900
Eastotac™ C-115L
(Asia/Pacific Region only)
115 °C--<1-91861 °C80 °C55011002.02250
Eastotac™ C-100R
(Asia/Pacific Region only)
100 °C--1.511--56 °C78 °C55011002.02100
Eastotac™ C-115R
(Asia/Pacific Region only)
115 °C--1.511--60 °C78 °C55011502.12300
Eastotac™ C-100W
(Asia/Pacific Region only)
100 °C--<1-4864 °C83 °C55010001.81900
Eastotac™ C-115W
(Asia/Pacific Region only)
115 °C--<1-4868 °C85 °C55010501.92000
Eastotac™ H-100E--5----61 °C77 °C45010502.32450
Eastotac™ H-115E--5----70 °C80 °C45010502.32600
Eastotac™ H-130E--5----72 °C78 °C50010502.12350
Eastotac™ H-100L--<1----65 °C78 °C45010002.22300
Eastotac™ H-115L--<1--91875 °C82 °C45010002.22400
Eastotac™ H-130L--<1--91877 °C83 °C50010502.12350
Eastotac™ H-100R--1.5-11--68 °C79 °C45010502.32550
Eastotac™ H-115R--1.5-11--76 °C82 °C45010502.32450
Eastotac™ H-130R--1.5-11--70 °C81 °C50010502.12400
Eastotac™ H-142R--1.5-11--74 °C82 °C50010502.12300
Eastotac™ H-100W--<1--4869 °C81 °C45010002.22150
Eastotac™ H-115W--<1--4868 °C80 °C4509502.12100
Eastotac™ H-130W--<1--4876 °C83 °C50010002.02200
Eastotac™ H-142W--<1--4876 °C85 °C5009501.92000
Regalite™ C6100100 °C--<1-4.5-31 °C60 °C----
Regalite™ C6100L95-105 °C--<1-6-13-------
Regalite™ R1010---<1----82 °C----
Regalite™ R1090-88 °C-<1----74 °C5007001.41100
Regalite™ R1100-100 °C-<1----76 °C6008501.41250
Regalite™ R1100 CG-100 °C------76 °C600850-1250
Regalite™ R1125-123 °C-<1----85 °C75012001.61900
Regalite™ R7100-102 °C-<1----62 °C6009001.51500
Regalite™ S1100-100 °C-<1----77 °C6009001.51300
Regalite™ S5090-92 °C------55 °C5607601.41200
Regalite™ S5100-100 °C-<1----57 °C6009001.51400
Regalite™ S7125-123 °C-<1----75 °C75012001.62200
a - 50% resins solids in toluene
b - 50% resins solids in toluene
c - MMAP: cloud point measured in a 1:2 mixture of methylcyclohexane and aniline; DACP: cloud point measured in a 1:1 mixture of xylene and 4-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-pentanone; For more information see "Hydrocarbon Spectrum" brochure WA-86
d - Molecular weight measured via Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC) using polystyrene standards
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