Typical Physical Properties
Pure Monomer Resins

Some products contain physical properties that are not displayed in the columns below. To locate the information needed, please choose the product link below. The properties may be found on the datasheet, SDS or sales specification.

Pure Monomer Resins
ProductsRing and Ball Softening PointColoraCloud PointbMolecular WeightcData
GardnerHunterlab b,
5 cm path length
Endex™ 155153 °C----20 °C15 °C117 °C250069002.812900
Endex™ 160158 °C----12 °C16 °C152 °C290092003.622500
Kristalex™ 1120120 °C--7<-40 °C2 °C>180 °C90026002.96000
Kristalex™ 307070 °C--7<-40 °C1 °C4 °C6009001.51330
Kristalex™ 308585 °C--4<-40 °C2 °C35 °C65012001.81900
Kristalex™ 3100100 °C--5<-40 °C6 °C65 °C90015001.72500
Kristalex™ 3100LV100 °C--7<-40 °C6 °C-70014502.12400
Kristalex™ 3115LV120 °C---<-40 °C5 °C-9002,1002.43,700
Kristalex™ 5140140 °C--5<-40 °C10 °C>180 °C175049002.89800
Kristalex™ 5140LV140 °C--7<-40 °C10 °C>180 °C165046502.88900
Kristalex™ F8586 °C-max 9.0--5 °C-65017001.61650
Kristalex™ F10098 °C-1.8----92013001.62100
Kristalex™ F115117 °C-2.2----100019001.93200
Piccolastic™ A5Liquid @ 25°C---<-50 °C-6 °C-29 °C3003601.3560
Piccolastic™ A7573 °C---<-50 °C5 °C63 °C76013601.82200
Piccolastic™ D125127 °C---<-40 °C13 °C>180 °C14504180028.8238000
Piccotex™ 7575 °C--8<-50 °C-1 °C-15 °C65011001.71800
Piccotex™ 10098 °C--7<-50 °C7 °C26/20 °C120024002.04100
Piccotex™ 120119 °C--6<-40 °C11 °C52 °C145041002.37200
Piccotex™ LC92 °C--8<-50 °C3 °C-9 °C86014001.82200
Plastolyn™ 240120 °C---<-50 °C9 °C>180 °C155040602.67600
Plastolyn™ 290140 °C----44 °C8 °C>180 °C135052003.310900
Plastolyn™ 290LV140 °C---<-40 °C8 °C>180 °C150037002.57300
Plastolyn™ R1140140 °C----94 °C-90015001.72400
a - 50% resins solids in toluene
b - Cloud point temperature from 2:1 Vol:Vol aniline-methylcyclohexane, Eastman method.
c - Molecular weight, z-average from gel permeation chromatography, elution with THF.
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