Butvar® polyvinyl butyral resins
Butvar® polyvinyl butyral resins

Solutions for improved performance

Butvar® polyvinyl butyral resin was pioneered in the 1930s as the key ingredient for automotive safety glass interlayers. It still enjoys widespread use in automotive and architectural applications for laminated safety glass.

Eastman offers six grades of Butvar resin that cover a broad range of chemical and physical properties. Butvar is generally well suited as a major ingredient in a formulation or, in smaller quantities, can be used to enhance the properties of other resins.

Polyvinyl butyral resins are employed in a wide array of industrial and commercial applications. These unique resins offer impressive performance as well as outstanding versatility. Butvar resin has a combination of properties that make it a key ingredient in a variety of successful formulations. These properties include:

  • Outstanding binding efficiency
  • Optical clarity
  • Adhesion to a large number of surfaces
  • Toughness combined with flexibility


  • Versatile film-forming resin with binding efficiency and cross-link capability


  • Six types differentiated by molecular weight and hydroxyl content


  • White powder


  • Provided in fiber drums or bags 


  • Provides combination of excellent toughness, flexibility, and adhesion with optical clarity

Market applications

  • Structural adhesives, composites and PC boards
  • Ceramic/metal binders, (green strength)
  • Inks, toners, imaging and reprographics
  • Wash primers and wood, metal coatings, wire enamel overcoats
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