Commercial Aviation

The full range of aviation lubricants provides a solution for fleets around the globe.

We are always on hand to offer technical help for our products and the applications they serve. Building strong relationships helps us to understand specific needs, enabling us to seek out innovative and flexible solutions to meet exacting requirements particularly during a challenging economic operational environment.

The aviation industry demands the highest standards of quality assurance from manufacturers of aviation lubricants. To ensure that our turbine lubricants meet those high standards, Eastman Aviation Solutions developed a layered approach to quality assurance, utilizing procedural controls and scientific verification that are shared across all functions of the organization supporting the aviation product line.


Business Aviation 

We recognize the unique challenges facing the business aviation industry. We offer products to serve the need of business jet operators wherever their flight path takes them.



We understand the importance of reliability and performance when carrying out helicopter missions. Eastman Turbo Oil 2197, Eastman Turbo Oil 2380 and Eastman Turbo Oil 25 provide a solution for the most challenging helicopter missions. Selecting the correct lubricant can reduce downtime allowing for higher utilization and increased profitability.