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Lubricants Academy

Eastman Aviation Solutions is dedicated to developing the advanced aviation lubricant expertise your company relies on. The program is made up of eight modules covering all aspects of the aviation industry, from identifying airplane types to engine operation. The module questions can be taken in any order and at a pace which suits both your available time and learning speed. On completion of the Eastman Aviation Solutions academy, you will receive a certificate in recognition of your achievement.

Value Calculator

We are committed to supporting the industry with exceptional products including the world’s leading high-performance turbo oil, Eastman Turbo Oil 2197. We now offer a visual demonstration of this performance via our Value Proven tool. Using current industry data and with variable calculations applied to your operations model, you can view a demonstration as to how our lubricants will help you run your business even more cost-effectively. Building strong customer relationships helps us to understand your specific needs, enabling us to seek out innovative, flexible, and value proven solutions to meet your exacting requirements.

Turbine Engined Fleet Guide

The Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World’s Airlines guide has been produced every year since 1970 for customers of Eastman Aviation Solutions. The guide is made available to members of the aviation community on request.

The guide is based on data collected from an annual survey of the world’s airlines, and is the only free, in-depth listing of the 57,000 turbine-engine equipped aircraft flying commercially today. This unique fleet guide is meant to be a valuable and useful resource throughout the year to professionals in the industry.

The Turbine-Engined Fleets of the World’s Airlines guide has been used to pinpoint emerging trends and transitions within the airline industry through documented changes in the survey data. In recent years, the guide identified the substantial increase in the number of aircraft transitioning from standard engine oils to cleaner and more efficient options.

Skydrol™ Fluid Sampling Guide

Eastman suggests that hydraulic fluid be analyzed periodically to assure that it meets airframe manufacturer in-service limits. Eastman’s Technical Service fluid sampling program offers comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the fluid, with recommendations for corrective action when required. Information on sampling can be found in this how-to-guide.