Military and Aerospace Approval

SkyKleen® aviation solvent has been tested and approved by some of the industry's leading companies.

Organization ​Application ​Specification ​Comments
​BF Goodrich*Wheels & piston housings​Approved​
Boeing​*Exterior & General Cleaners​​D6-17487Conforms to all test requirements except for acrylic crazing ​
​*Cleaning of Solvent resistant finishes​BAC 5750Conforms​
*Carbon RemoversD6-17487​​Conforms​
Boeing - Long Beach (Douglas)*Sealant remover hand wipe cleaner​CSD-1 Type 3​​Not to be used on acrylics and natural rubbers
​*C17DPM 6410​
Boeing - Seattle​*Sealant Removal F-15 & F-18 productionDefense and Space Group​
*Integral Fuel Tank Sealing​BAC 5504
PSD 9-13 ​
​Defense and Space Group​
​*Sealing of Integral Fuel Tanks​​BAC 5593
PSD 9-1
​Defense and Space Group​
*Cleaning of Solvent-resistant finishes​​BAC 5750
PSD 9-22
​Defense and Space Group​
*Exterior & general cleaners, & carbon removers​D6-17487​Conforms to requirements per independent lab testing. Not to be used on acrylics and natural rubbers. ​
General Electric Engines ​*Specified hand-wipe degreasing​GEAC 70-21-23​​Some restrictions for FPI testing
​McDonnell-Douglas​*Sealant Remover & Hand-wipe CleanerCSD-1 type 3​​Not to be used on acrylics and natural rubber
​US Air Force*KC-135 General Surface Wipe Cleaning​​T.O. 1C-135
(K) A-3-4
Corrosion Control​
​*Sealant Removal C-17 Production T.O. 1C-17A-23​C-17 Manufacture "System peculiar corrosion control"​
Tinker AFB​*B-52 Radome coating removal​​T.O. in progress