Skydrol hydraulic fluids are based on phosphate ester basestocks, which are good solvents and plasticizers. Care should be taken in handling Skydrol fluids to keep them from spilling on certain plastic materials and paints, which might tend to soften.

If a small amount of Skydrol fluid is spilled during handling, wipe it up immediately with a dry cloth. When large pools form, an absorbent sweeping compound is recommended. Then remove traces of fluid with an approved solvent. Finally, wash the area with water and a detergent.

Tools should not be allowed to soak in Skydrol fluids if they have painted areas or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic handles. Many nonmetallic materials are resistant to Skydrol fluids and will not be adversely affected by it.

Since it is difficult to visually distinguish between materials that are resistant and those that are not resistant, it is highly recommended that all materials wet with Skydrol fluids be wiped off and cleaned as soon as possible.

Skydrol fluids will not harm clothing with the exception of a few materials such as rayon acetate. Some types of rubber-soled shoes may soften and deteriorate when exposed to Skydrol fluids.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) should be consulted for all health and safety concerns. Eastman has a dedicated full-time technical service staff available to assist you in answering questions regarding Skydrol hydraulic fluids.