Eastman AQ™ polymers
Eastman AQ™ polymers


Eastman AQ™ Polymers for Adhesives Applications

Eastman AQ™ polymers are unique modified polyesters that are inherently dispersible in water with no added treatment. Eastman AQ™ polymers are ideally suited for applications where adhesive removal after application is required such as re-pulping of paper and plastic and glass recycling. More ...

Eastman AQ™ Polymers for Cosmetics & Personal Care

Eastman AQ™ polymers aid the dispersion of hydrophobic ingredients in water-based formulations and form clear films at room temperature from aqueous dispersions. Eastman AQ™ polymers are highly versatile polymers and are used in color cosmetics, sunscreen sprays and lotions, and hair styling products. More ...

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