Eastman Advantex
Eastman Advantex

​Eastman ADVANTEX™ neutralizing amine additive

Advantex multifunctional neutralizing amine enables a variety of benefits to architectural coatings, including superb pigment dispersion, excellent emulsion stability, and outstanding syneresis control.

Formulating paints with Advantex instead of ammonia can save money. Internal tests show that formulating with Advantex allows for the development of lower odor, lower-VOC paints that can contain up to 75% less propylene glycol, 50% less surfactant, 40% less de-foamer and up to half as much dispersant than a comparable formulation with ammonia.

Additionally, Advantex offers a unique level of protection against flash rust, when compared to other amine additives. The ideal film-forming properties of Advantex allow for enhanced corrosion protection.


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