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Cyphrex™ microfibers can be manufactured in a variety of cross-sectional shapes and in lengths and diameters that were previously unavailable to the market using a variety of polymers.

Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibers were designed to be used as a component in high-performance specialty paper and wetlaid nonwoven substrate formulations. Cyphrex delivers synthetic microfibers which can enable enhanced substrate characteristic combinations, such as durability, uniformity, and control of permeability, without creating the process challenges often associated with the use of noncellulosic materials.

Cyphrex products 

Eastman Cyphrex™ microfibers are produced at uniform diameters (below 5 microns) and ​precise lengths.

Round microfibers were developed for high surface-area-to-mass ratio and are in uniform diameters below 5 microns — cut at prescribed lengths — with specific surface area. Eastman expanded capability round PET microfibers in three diameter options(2.5 microns, 3 microns, and 4.5 microns). Blending sizes allows greater precision for achieving targeted functionality — specifically, permeability and pore size, in order to achieve desired uniformity.

Flat microfibers with a unique cross section and size less than 0.4 denier (nominal thickness and width of 2.5 microns and 18 microns respectively) provide a shape that disperses easily and enables the production of exceptionally uniform sheets that are lightweight and remarkably strong.

  • These flat microfibers are especially easy to disperse in water without special shear or agitation, process similar to cellulose — and they add strength and uniformity to wetlaid nonwovens.

  • Recently, Eastman introduced Cyphrex™ 10101, a flat PET microfiber that is less than 0.4 denier with a unique cross section that enables manufacturers to produce exceptionally uniform synthetic nonwovens that are lightweight and remarkably strong. The unique flat shape also provides excellent dimensional stability without sacrificing uniformity, strength or tear resistance.

  • Cyphrex flat PET microfibers demonstrate that the microfiber shape can impact the attributes of wetlaid nonwovens in ways that changing microfiber size alone may not allow.
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