Eastman Embrace™ Encore

With Embrace Encore, brands no longer have to choose between shelf appeal and sustainability. Advantages of labels made from Embrace Encore include:

PET stream (RIC1) compatibility and recyclability

  • Fully compatible with PET bottle recycling streams
The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) has recognized Eastman Embrace Encore and crystallizable solutions, when used with washable inks, as one of only two shrink sleeve technologies suitable for use with PET bottles.

  • Improved rPET yields
Using Embrace Encore labels prevents clumping problems during recycled PET (rPET) flake processing and does not generate contaminants associated with labels that use adhesives, paper, or foreign polymers, which can cause black specks or introduce non-intentionally added substances (NIAS).

  • Fully recyclable
Embrace Encore can be recovered along with PET bottle flakes, further boosting rPET yields by as much as 4% — the weight of the label as a percentage of the typical total package.

  • Improves sortation accuracy
Due to its chemical similarity to PET, Embrace Encore offers “like-on-like” labels, increasing the chance that PET bottles will be correctly identified.

  • Supports bottle recyclability claims

Emerging legislation, such as California SB 343, may allow brands to make bottle recyclability claims only if the labels are compatible with APR guidance.

Superb aesthetics and improved functionality

  • Unparalleled shelf appeal and design flexibility

Embrace Encore enables eye-catching 360° graphic capability with super-high print definition and sparkling clarity, empowering designers to create engaging packaging that promotes brand image, improves shelf appeal, increases sales, and encourages brand loyalty.

  • Replacement for conventional PETG shrink sleeve labels

Embrace Encore delivers performance benefits on par with those of traditional polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG). This allows for higher surface energy and ease of printing compared to other low-density substrates.

  • Superior toughness

Labels made from Embrace Encore exhibit superior toughness vs. other label substrates. This allows for lightweighting of the label.

  • Perfectly fit, contoured bottles

Embrace Encore offers up to 75% ultimate shrinkage, toughness, clarity, and a versatile shrink curve.