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Rubber & Plastic Modification

Eastman G™ polyolefin polymers are medium weight polyethylene or polypropylene materials that are available in various molecular weights and levels of modification. Eastman recommends these products as base polymers for a variety of applications. Many of these polymers meet FDA regulations for various applications.

Physical Properties Comparison: Functionalized Polyolefins  Property Comparison
Chemical Type:Polyethylene and polypropylene with grafted maleic acid modification
Applications:Processing aids, filler dispersing aids, coupling agents, polymer alloying, tie coats for multi-layer coextrusion
Benefits:Increased filler levels, improved anchorage of glass in fiber-filled polypropylene and polyethylene composites, improving adhesion of polyolefin-based rubber and plastic compounds
Typical Markets:Polyolefin composites, rubber compounds, polymer alloys

Eastman G™ polyolefin polymers are products of Eastman Chemical Company and are protected under one or more of the following U.S. patents: 5,955,547; 6,046,279; 7,408,007; 7,683,134; and their foreign equivalents.

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