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Eastman Sustane™ SAIB Food Grade is a high purity distilled product that is odorless and flavorless at levels used in beverages and cosmetics. Sustane™ SAIB Food Grade is a stable, viscous liquid used primarily in citrus beverages as a weighting agent or flavor emulsion stabilizer to prevent separation of essential citrus oils.

In cosmetics, Sustane™ SAIB is used as a fragrance fixative and to provide transfer resistance in lipstick. Sustane™ SAIB Food Grade is produced by the controlled esterification of natural sugar (sucrose) with acetic and isobutyric anhydrides and is provided as a kosher product by Eastman. The INCI (cosmetic ingredient) name for Sustane™ SAIB is Sucrose Acetate Isobutyrate.

Eastman Sustane™ SAIB MCT is a new ready-to-blend weighting agent that provides significant handling and aesthetic benefits for the beverage industry. The enhanced weighting agent prevents the oil-soluble ingredients and water in beverages like fruit juices, energy drinks, carbonated soft drinks, nutritional tonics, malt beverages, and new age drinks from separating during storage. Sustane™ SAIB MCT also improves the appearance and stability of beverage "cloud" to help brands achieve the natural look consumers demand. Sustane™ SAIB MCT is alcohol-free.

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