Feature Markets:

Eastman invented Eastman TMPD™ glycol in the 1960s. Eastman offers the broadest portfolio and global supply of monomer intermediates for resins, as well as inhibitors and co-promoters. Formulators and purchasers of intermediates for resins continue to find Eastman TMPD™ glycol useful in new applications and new markets.

Applications where Eastman TMPD™ glycol is useful are:

  • High-solids industrial baking enamels, where Eastman TMPD™ glycol provides reduced emission rates and excellent resistance to corrosion and chemicals
  • Laminating resins for fiberglass-reinforced plastics, where it lends improved hydrolytic stability and corrosion resistance, as well as low density
  • Thermoset resins for fiberglass-reinforced plastic corrosion-resistant articles, where Eastman TMPD™ glycol offers good corrosion resistance, low density and favorable economics


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