Adhesives Resins Business

Eastman Chemical Company completed the sale of the Adhesives Resins Business to Synthomer on April 1, 2022. The sale includes the following products:

  • Hydrocarbon resins (including Eastman Impera tire resins)
  • Pure monomer resins 
  • Polyolefin polymers 
  • Rosins and dispersions 
  • Oleochemical and fatty-acid based resins 

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Markets Served

Eastoflex™ amorphous polyolefins can also be used in a variety of applications for a variety of markets. Eastoflex™ APOs are popular for use in these and other markets:

  • Building and Construction: Eastoflex™ APOs are commonly used in applications such as modified bitumen roofing, adhesives, asphalt modifiers, road-marking compounds, and construction for both residential and commercial carpet products.

  • Packaging: Our Eastoflex™ APOs exhibit broad compatibility with materials commonly used in packaging adhesives. For instance, they are an ideal choice as the base polymer for pallet stabilization hot melt adhesives, and are useful in paper lamination applications. Information on FDA regulatory status for use in food contact applications can be found in the regulatory information for each individual product in the Products section.

  • Adhesives and Sealants: High water resistance, low color, ease of processing, chemical inertness, creep and sag resistance, and good adhesion to many of the common substrates encountered in hot-melt sealant applications, make Eastoflex™ APOs preferable for use in sealants.

  • Automotive: Eastoflex™ APOs are used in sealants and in attachment of sound-deadening insulation to carpets and side panels.
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