Adhesives Resins Business

Eastman Chemical Company completed the sale of the Adhesives Resins Business to Synthomer on April 1, 2022. The sale includes the following products:

  • Hydrocarbon resins (including Eastman Impera tire resins)
  • Pure monomer resins 
  • Polyolefin polymers 
  • Rosins and dispersions 
  • Oleochemical and fatty-acid based resins 

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Foralyn hydrogenated rosin resin

​Foralyn™ hydrogenated rosin resins are a resin family based on stabilized rosin for adhesives and coatings. They are available with a softening point range from liquid to 110°C.

The hydrogenation of Foralyn™ improves its compatibility with adhesive base polymers, in contrast to non-hydrogenated rosin-resins, which results in improved adhesive performance. In particular Foralyn™ hydrogenated rosin resins impart superior adhesion and excellent cohesion to adhesives based on styrenic block copolymers and acrylic polymers, especially at higher temperatures.

Foralyn™ 90 and Foralyn™ 110 are of special interest due to their exceptional light color, thermal color stability and low oxygen uptake. Foralyn™ 5020-F CG is particularly suitable for cosmetic, personal care and fragrance applications.

Physical Properties Comparison:

Chemical Type:

Hydrogenated rosin esters


Hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives, solvent-based adhesives, solder fluxes, marine anti-fouling paints, wax blends, cosmetics, personal care and fragrance


Light color and color stability, good oxidation resistance, good aging characteristics

Typical Markets:

Specialty tapes and labels, general assembly, bookbinding, laminating, nonwovens, cosmetics