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ADH-040, Pamolyn Fatty Acids (pdf)

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Pamolyn™ fatty acids are a family of C18 mono and di-ethenoid acids derived from a tall oil fatty acid source available in colors ranging from water-white to pale yellow. Due to their origin, they are low in saturated acids and unsaponifiables content. Eastman produces a broad range of Pamolyn™ fatty acids, including food grade, low odor and high-oleic acid content products. Eastman recommends these oleic acids in applications where low odor combined with excellent color stability is important.


Chemical Type:Oleic acids
Applications:Chemical intermediates, detergents, emulsifiers, lubricants, epoxy resin esters and protective coatings, surfactants, release agents, caulks & sealants
Benefits:Excellent color stability, low odor
Typical Markets: Coatings, chemical intermediates, cosmetics, metalworking, building & construction
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