Adhesives Resins Business

Eastman Chemical Company completed the sale of the Adhesives Resins Business to Synthomer on April 1, 2022. The sale includes the following products:

  • Hydrocarbon resins (including Eastman Impera tire resins)
  • Pure monomer resins 
  • Polyolefin polymers 
  • Rosins and dispersions 
  • Oleochemical and fatty-acid based resins 

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Piccotex hydrocarbon resins

​Piccotex™ hydrocarbon resins are made from mixed purified aromatic materials. Due to the diversified composition of the base materials Piccotex™ resins function more like aromatic resins based on crude aromatic oil than other types of pure monomer aromatic resins. Since Piccotex™ hydrocarbon resins are based on pure monomers, however, they are water-white in initial color and exhibit excellent thermal stability. They are therefore suitable for adhesive applications where color and stability are critical when a highly colored aromatic tackifier will not suffice. Piccotex™ hydrocarbon resins are compatible with S-B-S block copolymers, high vinyl acetate content EVA resins, SBR, polychloroprene, and acrylic elastomers. Piccotex™ hydrocarbon resins are available in a wide range of softening points from 75-120°C. Piccotex™ resins will also act as end-block modifiers for all types of block copolymers, but have the best overall compatibility with S-B-S type block copolymers.

Physical Properties Comparison:

Chemical Type:

Aromatic pure monomer hydrocarbon resins


Hot melt adhesives, sealants, coatings, rubber modification


Water-white initial color, direct food contact FDA clearance for some grades, excellent thermal stability, broad compatibility

Typical Markets:

Hot melt adhesives, sealants, coatings, bookbinding, rubber and plastic compounding