Adhesives Resins Business

Eastman Chemical Company completed the sale of the Adhesives Resins Business to Synthomer on April 1, 2022. The sale includes the following products:

  • Hydrocarbon resins (including Eastman Impera tire resins)
  • Pure monomer resins 
  • Polyolefin polymers 
  • Rosins and dispersions 
  • Oleochemical and fatty-acid based resins 

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Plastolyn hydrocarbon resins

Plastolyn™ hydrocarbon resins are made from mixed purified aromatic materials selected to produce a high softening point polymer. Plastolyn™ hydrocarbon resins are characterized by near water-white color, good thermal stability and high temperature resistance. Plastolyn™ 290LV is a versatile, aromatic, water white, with very high softening point and very low organic volatile content. Plastolyn™ hydrocarbon resins are used as flow modifiers for plastics, especially polyvinylchloride (PVC) and acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS). They are also commonly used as rubber modifiers for shoe soles. Plastolyn™ hydrocarbon resins are also compatible with polychloroprene and are especially suited for formulating contact adhesives for footwear and leather assembly when very high cohesive strength or low color is required. Some grades of Plastolyn™ hydrocarbon resins have high compatibility with polyolefins and are widely used as film modifiers.

Physical Properties Comparison:

Chemical Type:

Aromatic pure monomer hydrocarbon resins


Shoe sole modification, contact adhesives, plastic modification


Water-white initial color, excellent thermal stability, wide range of softening points, high cohesion, low volatile content (applies to LV grade only)

Typical Markets:

Rubber compounding, leather and footwear assembly, polypropylene film modification