Saflex® PVB
Saflex® PVB

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Saflex for Head-up Displays

With Saflex® HUD products, things are looking up for the automotive industry.

Once reserved for fighter jets and luxury cars, head-up display (HUD) technology is finding its way in all sorts of vehicles thanks to advances in polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers.

Long known for bringing safety, security, and UV protection to laminated glass, today’s PVB interlayers deliver much more. For example, with Saflex interlayer technology, automotive engineers can cost-effectively implement HUD features—all while decreasing cabin noise, reducing vehicle weight, improving gas mileage, and reducing CO2 emissions.

Unlike traditional PVB interlayers that have a flat uniform surface, Saflex HUD interlayers are made by a proprietary process that creates nonparallel surfaces to create a windscreen that provides optical correction—resulting in the highest quality projected image in the market (see image below for illustration). Saflex HUD products delivers this high quality while also cutting wind noise in half.

Saflex nonparallel surfaces 

Saflex provides a variety of HUD products to suit any make and model’s unique image requirements:

  • Saflex HUD
  • Saflex QHUD (acoustic HUD)
  • Saflex VIEW ST- made specifically for complex windscreens to fix short/tall image distortion

Eastman helped pioneer the development of HUD interlayers more than 20 years ago. Through our experience in working jointly with HUD channel partners, we have accumulated a robust understanding of how to enable best-in-class HUD optics performance and ensure the smooth launch of each HUD vehicle program.

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