Eastman Duralink™ HTS
Eastman Duralink™ HTS

Eastman Duralink™ HTS - The durability solution

Eastman Duralink™ HTS post-vulcanization stabilizer enhances durability in several ways. In aggressive environments, Duralink HTS is proven to provide enhanced steel-cord adhesion. By generating hybrid cross-links in the vulcanization process, Duralink enables networks that show improvements in reversion resistance in high-temperature or overcure conditions and better mechanical fatigue. With Duralink, networks also have enhanced aged performance such as uniformity in dynamic mechanical properties. The stabilized networks enabled by Duralink also lead to better durability characteristics, such as improved tear and chipping and chunking resistance.

For manufacturers, Duralink offers:

  • Stabilization of properties in high-temperature or overcured compounds
  • Improved flex fatigue and aged fatigue
  • Better tear and chip/chunk resistance
  • Better retained adhesion in aggressive environments

For consumers, Duralink offers:

  • Stabilized tire performance
  • A longer service in terms of lifetime hours
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