Eastman™ tire additives
Eastman™ tire additives

Enabling brands to make their mark in the tire industry

Many variables will impact how well your brand performs the moment it hits the road. Leveraging select additive technologies and suppliers will ensure it is the impact your customers demand.

Eastman is one of the world's largest producers of specialty chemicals, raw materials, and additives for the tire industry—offering optimal solutions for tire formulators to enhance wet grip, rolling resistance, durability, and handling. Eastman tire additives are trusted globally by leading tire manufacturers who depend on our strong industry leadership, applications expertise, and diverse portfolio of specialty technologies.

In addition to enhancing tire performance, we also focus on technology platforms to improve tire production—helping manufacturers be more productive and lower costs.

Together with our customers, we strive to move the industry forward.

Key Eastman solutions for tire formulations include:

Eastman Crystex® insoluble sulfur
Eastman Impera™ performance resins Eastman Santoflex® antidegradants
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