Santoflex™ antidegradants
Santoflex™ antidegradants


Eastman is one of the world's largest producers of chemicals for the rubber and tire industry. These rubber chemical products help control the process of manufacturing rubber, while improving its durability, flexibility, and appearance.

Rubber Chemicals

Para-phenylenediamines (PPDs) are known as antidegradants, which are chemicals that prevent premature aging and degradation of rubber. Premature aging can occur in rubber due to ozone and/or oxygen attack which causes the rubber to degrade, resulting in reduced flexibility and shorter service life of finished parts.

The most significant family of PPD products are those based on the 4-aminodiphenylamine (4-ADPA) intermediate which is reacted with a ketone to produce the final PPD product. Eastman holds a series of patents for its innovative manufacturing process of the key intermediate 4-ADPA. Santoflex PPDs are predominantly used in the tire market segment.


Eastman has a proud history of developing new technologies to answer customer needs and move the industry forward. Eastman collaborates with customers at the global, corporate and local levels to focus its research and development to answer the challenges facing the industry today and in the future. For example, Eastman's Technology Group works closely with customer facilities to continuously develop new and improved production processes. These improvements save time and lower costs to provide customers with a business advantage in today's largely commoditized market.

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