Decorated to Endure: Eastman Polymers Offer Long-Lasting Solutions For Transparent In-Mold Decoration

Tritan™ and DuraStar™ provide toughness, clarity and chemical resistance

Kingsport, Tenn. — Sept. 27, 2012 — Eastman Chemical Company will showcase its in-mold decoration (IMD) portfolio at IMLCON & IMDCON 2012, International In-mold Labeling & Decorating Conference & Exhibition, Oct. 4 to 5 in Chicago. The Eastman portfolio — which includes Tritan™ copolyester and DuraStar™ polymers — offers solutions with an unmatched combination of clarity, toughness, chemical resistance and ease of processing. Additionally, Tritan and DuraStar parts accept fastening by solvent bonding and many other secondary operations.

“Eastman’s portfolio of durable and clear polymer solutions provides long-lasting solutions for IMD,” said Ed Ferber, market development manager, Eastman. “The outstanding optical properties and toughness of Eastman Tritan™ copolyester and DuraStar™ polymers combine with other desired properties for excellent aesthetics and functionality in housewares, appliances, control panels and other molded-in applications.” Both Tritan and DuraStar can eliminate some of the compromises that are unavoidable with materials such as polymethyl methacrylate, polycarbonate and transparent acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymers.

For brand owners, polymers from Eastman can be used in substrates and labels to differentiate brands and enhance brand value through advantages in aesthetics, durability and processability. Clear polymers allow backlighting options that enhance clarity and improve the end user’s experience, and the durability enables thick or thin sections in applications such as enclosed, membrane electrical switches.

For part designers and fabricators, Eastman’s polymers can provide a unique combination of attributes that can translate to design flexibility and ease of processing. The low-processing temperatures reduce ink washout, and these polymers provide good adhesion performance when molded with common decorative and functional labels in various form factors.

Eastman’s portfolio for IMD provides a versatile and economic method of decorating and manufacturing higher-value durable plastic parts. Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, for example, is used to produce thin-wall lenses, windows or covers in products such as handheld electronics, automotive, large and small appliances, medical devices and housewares. For these applications, a clear plastic substrate is molded behind a decorative film or foil.

To learn more about its polymer portfolio for IMD, visit Eastman during IMLCON & IMDCON 2012.

For more information about Eastman Tritan™ copolyester, visit www.eastman.com/brands/Eastman_Tritan.

For more information about Eastman DuraStar™ polymers, visit www.eastman.com/brands/durastar.

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Eastman’s portfolio of durable and clear polymer solutions provides long-lasting solutions for IMD
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