As a global company, Eastman benefits from the value of a logo that portrays a “one company, one name” identity. Our logo is our brand identity that symbolizes who we are as a company—our strengths, reputation for offering quality products, and excellent customer service.

General Logo Guidelines

The Eastman logo was designed using Frutiger font with each “A” modified to show the outline of an Erlenmeyer flask inside the letter. This distinctive logo is Eastman's corporate signature and is intended for use in all company communications. No other designs or logos should be used to identify Eastman. The logo is used as the corporate signature on items communicating the company's identity, internally and externally. General usage standards are:

  • The Eastman logo must be used alone so that it is clearly separated from all other text, graphics, or design elements.
  • It should never be used as an adjective or to modify any of our products, organizations, or service names.
  • The logo should never be altered.
  • The color of the logo is Pantone Matching System #186, also known as PMS 186 red.
  • It may be displayed in black or as white by reversing it out of dark colors.
  • In documents that do not have PMS 186 red, the logo must be displayed in the most dominant color of ink on the document.

For further guidelines and to request a copy of the Eastman logo, please contact us at EastmanInsights@eastman.com.  

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