​​Sustainability Governance​

Board of Directors

Eastman’s Board of Directors and the Board’s Committees oversee compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. They also oversee the development and management of policies and practices in their respective areas of responsibility — Audit; Compensation and Management Development; Finance; Health, Safety, Environmental and Security (HSES); and Nominating and Corporate Governance. Eastman’s Chief Sustainability Officer meets regularly with the HSES Committee. Chaired by Julie F. Holder, the HSES committee is comprised of the independent, nonemployee directors and oversees the company’s sustainability performance. The purpose of the HSES Committee is to review with management and, where appropriate, make recommendations to the Board regarding the Company’s policies and practices concerning health, safety, environmental, security, sustainability and political activities. Eastman’s Corporate Governance Guidelines and Committee Charters are available on the website. Additional information is available in Eastman’s 2017 Annual Meeting Proxy Statement. ​

Sustainability Council

Eastman’s global sustainability strategy is guided by the leadership of Eastman’s Sustainability Council. The Council, which held its inaugural meeting in 2010 and meets quarterly, provides direction on all corporate sustainability investments across the company, leveraging sustainability as a key driver of innovation and growth. Internally, the Council ensures collaboration and communication across all three dimensions of sustainability. Externally, the Council reinforces Eastman’s active participation in the global sustainability journey. The Council also provides governance and prioritization of corporate level sustainability issues and goals.


The Council is structured as one governing body with three subcouncil teams representing the three focus areas of the Council: Sustainable Portfolio, Design, Environment, and Natural Resources, and Social Innovation. The subcouncils are responsible for defining Eastman’s economic, environmental and societal goals, tracking progress against goals, and working with the Council to outline and execute the company’s sustainability strategy. Sustainability goals are a priority for Council members, evidenced by the inclusion of specific goals on personal performance commitments through the company’s performance management program.


Erin Bernhardt, Director, Strategy, Insight and Analytics
Etta Clark, Vice President, Global Public Affairs and Policy
Mark Cox, Senior Vice President, Chief Manufacturing and Engineering Officer
Steve Crawford, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
David Golden, Senior Vice President, Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer, Corporate Secretary
Jennifer Stewart,Vice President, Corporate Innovation​

Code of Conduct

At Eastman, we are dedicated to conducting all business activities in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards while providing a safe, healthy and desirable place to work. We believe ethics are critical to success because they build trust and confidence for all of our stakeholders. We operate under Eastman’s Code of Business Conduct, which was established for employees to understand the company’s expectations and to raise awareness of legal and ethical issues that may arise. As the world around us changes, challenges that we face also change. As such, over the past year, we have worked diligently to update the Code to ensure we are complying with the most current regulations and standards. In August 2015, the new Code of Business Conduct was distributed to 100 percent of Eastman’s employees. We ensure annual training for each employee to certify his or her compliance with the Code.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Eastman understands the importance of ensuring the highest standards of sustainability, fair labor practices and safety along the value chain. We provide our Third Party Code of Conduct to our suppliers, which defines our expectations for conducting business with Eastman. We desire the same ethical behavior of our suppliers and hold them accountable by annual supplier surveys.

Eastman Advantage

In 2014, Eastman launched the Eastman Advantage, an internal guiding document that encapsulates the company’s core values, with honesty and integrity as the foundation. The Eastman Advantage replaced the company’s previous guiding document, the Eastman Team, reflecting the company’s status as a larger and more global specialty chemical company.

Eastman’s decisions and actions at the Board, management and individual employee levels are rooted in these brand beliefs and core values, including safety and wellness, customer focus, innovation, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. Living by these principles enables the men and women of Eastman to consistently deliver value to our customers and stockholders while also ensuring a positive future for Eastman team members and a culture where integrity is of utmost importance. As the new name implies, we believe our culture is a key to our competitive advantage.

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